R.M.Tool, Inc.



C – 1 By accepting this purchase order, Seller certifies that he/she will maintain a quality system adequate to control the supplies and services covered by this Purchase Order, its descriptions, specifications and drawings.

C – 2 GENERAL COMPLIANCE: The vendor shall provide a Certification of Compliance that all materials, processes, and/or finished items supplied under this purchase order are as specified by R.M.Tool, Inc.’s Purchase Order.

C – 3 SPECIFIC COMPLIANCE: The vendor shall certify that all parts, materials, processes, and finished items supplied under this purchase order were inspected, tested, and found to comply with the requirements of this purchase order. Inspection and test data shall be maintained and are subject to R.M.Tool, Inc.’s examination. The applicable drawing and/or specification and its revision shall be referenced.

C -4 SHELF LIFE DATA: If applicable- The vendor shall furnish all shelf life data applicable to all items on this purchase order.


I – 1 RAW MATERIAL IDENTIFICATION: All material, including plate, bar, extrusions, sheet, etc. shall be identified per the applicable specification.

I – 3 PART IDENTIFICATION: All items supplied under this purchase order shall be identified with complete nomenclature and part numbers in accordance with MIL-STD-130 and/or R.M.Tool, Inc.’s Purchase Order number, manufacturer’s name, material lot number, material heat number, date of last inspection, wire gauge, tensile strength, length in feet, weight in pounds, military specification number, and coating type if applicable


P – 1 PART PACKING: All parts on this purchase order shall be packed in original manufacturer’s packaging or equivalent. And protected from damage at all times

P – 2 Package list  for Qualified Products List (QPL) materials furnished on this purchase order, must include the name and address of the manufacturer.


Q – 1 The vendor shall assure that all parts and materials submitted to R.M.Tool, Inc.’s are in strict compliance with applicable drawings, specifications and other purchase order requirements. Non-conforming materials will not be accepted and will be returned at the vendor’s cost.

Q – 2 Work under this purchase order is subject to R.M.Tool, Inc.’s surveillance at Seller’s plant. R.M.Tool, Inc.’s Quality Assurance representative may elect to conduct inspection either on a surveillance basis or to the extent of 100% inspection. Seller will be notified if  R.M.Tool, Inc.’s inspection is to be conducted on specific shipments. No shipments are to be held for R.M.Tool, Inc.’s inspection unless notification is received prior to the shipments of parts.

Q -3 The Government reserves the right to inspect any or all of the materials included in this purchase order at the vendor’s plant.

Q -4 All work on this purchase order is subject to inspection and test by the Government at all items (including the period of performance) and places; and, in any event, prior to shipment. Upon receipt of this purchase order, promptly notify the Government Representative who normally services your plant so that appropriate planning for Government inspection can be accomplished.

Q – 5 INSPECTION AND TEST PLAN: An inspection and test plan for control of articles furnished in accordance with this Purchase Order shall be prepared and specifically written to outline the product flow from receipt of materials through fabrication assembly, and test operations. The plan defines the inspection points throughout the manufacturing sequence and describes what, where, and when inspection will be implemented to control the product. A general description of procedures and records used will be adequate. Two (2) copies of the plan shall be forwarded to the buyer within forty-five (45) days after unless otherwise specified.

Q – 6 QUALITY CONTROL PLAN: The vendor’s Quality Control Manual shall be submitted for conformance applicable program specifications.

Q – 7 INSPECTION PROGRAM (DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE): The vendor’s inspection program shall be in accordance with specification MIL-I-45208A or equivalent, “Inspection System Requirements.”

Q – 8 CALIBRATION CONTROL: The vendor shall control the calibration of all measuring devices against certified standards traceable to the National Bureau of Standards. The calibration program shall conform to Specification MIL-STD-45662A, “Calibration System Requirements.”

Q – 9 PROCESS CONTROL: The vendor shall maintain control and approval of all manufacturing (ie: welding, soldering, plating, painting, ect.) and inspection processes used in the performance of this qualification in accordance with applicable specifications. The approval status shall be subject to review and disapproval by R.M.Tool, Inc.

Q – 10 INSPECTION DATA: (Only required if stated separately on PO) One (1) copy of the item drawing or applicable catalog page shall accompany parts for receiving identification and inspection.

Q – 11 FIRST ARTICLE INSPECTION: (Only required if stated separately on PO) The vendor shall submit a first article for dimensional and/or functional approval prior to making production item(s). The vendor shall notify R.M.Tool, Inc.’s Quality when the item is ready for approval examination. Such examinations may be conducted at the vendor’s facilities or at R.M.Tool, Inc.’s receiving inspection area.


R – 1 MATERIAL TEST REPORTS (ACTUAL): If applicable- The vendor shall furnish a chemical and physical test report per the applicable specification for the materials shipped under this purchase order with actual test results from samples of this specific material.

R – 2 MATERIAL TEST REPORTS (TYPICAL): If applicable- The vendor shall furnish a chemical and physical test report for all materials shipped under this purchase order with actual or typical test results from samples representative of this purchase order.

R – 3 SUPPLIER TEST REPORT: The vendor shall supply copies of all test results signed by an authorized person.


S -1 MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET: If applicable- The vendor shall furnish a Material Safety Data Sheet to all chemicals/materials supplied under this purchase order.


T – 1 All items furnished on this purchase order shall have documentation on file for at least one (5) year after delivery to permit traceability from the delivered item back through its manufacture and inspection to the procurement records on its constituent parts and materials. These records shall be sufficient to prove conformance to all applicable specifications and drawings and shall provide means for identifying all like items.


W – 1 For all noncompliant items on this purchase order shall have a warranty/replacement plan for all new and unused purchased items.

W – 2 All noncompliance materials will be replaced or REQUIRE reimbursement